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Frequently Asked Questions About Psychotherapy

How Does Psychotherapy Work?
Working with a therapist is a unique relationship and a process that can allow us to see ourselves and situations from a new perspective, understand ourselves better, and transform things about us or in our lives that we wish to change. Talking with friends or loved ones requires a balance of give and take, whereas the structure of therapy is designed to create a space just for you. In therapy you needn't worry about other people's needs or judgment, and therefore can be free to explore your thoughts and feelings in an open and unrestricted manner. As the therapist, I listen deeply and engage with you to help us explore what is going on within you that is troubling or limiting you.

What is the Goal of Therapy?
Therapy can enable you to experience more satisfying relationships and more effectively recognize and meet your needs, desires, and aspirations. Such changes can reduce stress and enable you to have more meaningful and healthy relationships, thus allowing you to more fully enjoy life and feel better about yourself. The ultimate goal is to help you internalize this process so that when necessary, you can draw upon these learned skills to further work through problems that arise in the course of living everyday life.

How long does it take?
Progress, frequency, and the length of psychotherapy treatment vary depending on the nature and intensity of the issues being addressed, as well as the client’s motivation, dedication, effort, and other life circumstances. Each therapist-client relationship is unique, so we will work together to determine what will be most helpful to you.

To set up an initial consultation to discuss your interest in therapy, call (510) 594-4008 or email me.
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