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Available in Berkeley only

"Sand tray" or “Sandplay Therapy,” is a form of Expressive Therapy with roots in Jungian Therapy that some clients choose to use in their therapy. I have a collection of hundreds of miniature figures and objects that clients can choose from to create a story, picture, or "world" in the contained space of the sand tray. Like working with dreams, this process is a powerful and non-threatening creative modality for both adults and children.

Some clients find the tactile, three-dimensional nature of sand tray work enables them to access another part of themselves that is less subject to inhibition and words, using a combination of ready-made or personally defined symbols. This can be particularly helpful with clients who have difficulty engaging with challenging issues, or can get caught up in words while not expressing deeper feelings. A scene, story, or narrative often emerges organically, offering new solutions to dilemmas or challenges and a sense of resolution or healing. This can happen entirely on a symbolic level with varying degrees of verbal exchange and exploration.

Sand tray exploration can be deeply healing for clients of all ages and can help people access their imaginative, playful inner selves.

To set up an initial consultation to discuss your interest in therapy, call (510) 594-4008 or email me.
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