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My practice reflects an array of ages, races, gender identification, and sexual orientations. My adult practice often includes a number of young adults, individuals from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, and men, often who are in therapy for the first time, exploring and redefining their goals for their career, relationships, and their sense of self. My social justice values lead me to appreciate the way difference impacts our experiences, and I welcome exploration and discussion of how differences between us may impact our work together.

People often seek therapy at a point of transition or "crisis" in their life or relationships. Therapy can open up a space in which to explore thoughts, feelings, areas of conflict or confusion in a way that facilitates understanding and change. People differ in their preferences to work with someone who is either similar to or different from them in various ways, while others do not focus on these dimensions. The best way to know if there is a good fit between us is to have an initial conversation.

I enjoy and specialize in treating the following issues: Depression, Anxiety, Life Transitions, Trauma (including specific events and more complex/layered traumatic life experiences), Relationship problems and/or issues regarding sexuality, Shame sensitivity and perfectionism, Adoption, Foster Care, LGBQ and Trans/Gender non-conforming identities, Family difficulties, Decisions regarding having/not having children, Grief, Illness, and Acculturation from another country or culture.

To set up an initial consultation to discuss your interest in therapy, call (510) 594-4008 or email me.
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